Laws & Order

The Rules of Engaging

I would love to say there are no rules, but since the Internet can sometimes bring out the bad side of people we will have to establish a few rules of engagement for commenting on this site. Debating, exchanging ideas, and disagreeing are all a part of being a TV viewer and expressing opinions in life. I respectfully ask that all comments be civil. Please avoid name calling and keep the swearing to the types of words you would hear on TV (broadcast, not cable). I reserve the right to delete or edit any comments that I find offensive, unproductive, or just plain  mean.  Like the FCC, my opinion on these things is up to me. People have varying degrees of what offends them, so I’ll be the final decision maker for my blog. I look forward to having some lively discussions!

The View

I will also point out that any views, opinions, thoughts, and ideas on this site are mine alone. They do not in any way reflect or represent the views, opinions, thoughts, or ideas of any company I may work for, any organizations or people I associate with including my family and friends.  Comments are the opinions of those that post them and I’ll do my best to keep things friendly and respectful to all who visit and I’ll ask you to help me out by being respectful to begin with.