My Favorite New Fall Shows

There weren’t that many drama series in the batch of new shows that debuted this fall and of those that launched there were only a couple that I was even interested in watching, so here’s a look at my favorite new fall series.

My absolute favorite new fall show is ARROW on The CW. This was the series that I was most excited to see and it didn’t disappoint!

Cover: Stephen Amell of Arrow -- The show I'm most looking forward to this fall!

I love all the characters and the story lines are intriguing and dark in a good way. Stephen Amell is also totally hot and he’s doing a great job of portraying the complexities of Oliver Stone/Green Arrow. Actually all of the actors are doing a great job! Well, I’m not that fond of Katie Cassidy, but she’s not bad enough to stop me from watching. I just hope they don’t put her and Oliver back together anytime soon. All in all, I’m 100% invested in Arrow, so unless the writers take a huge departure from what they’ve been doing so far when they come back from the winter hiatus, I’m in this for the long haul!

Johnny Lee Miller & Lucy Liu - Elementary on CBS

On the other hand, I’m not quite as thrilled with the second show I was looking forward to at the start of this season and that’s ELEMENTARY on CBS. The show description sounded good plus I adore both Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu, however, the execution isn’t holding up for me. It’s not that the show is horrible, but it’s just not that interesting!

We already know the Sherlock Holmes character, so I like the twists the writers have given to him as well as having Lucy Liu be Watson, but it’s not enough. The crime solving is just too formulaic and very ho hum. I’ve kept watching because I’m hoping it’s going to get better. I so really want it to get better!

I’m on the fence because there are a lot of really good shows coming back Midseason and my TV watching card gets extremely full, so if Elementary doesn’t kick it up a notch then I might just have to stick a fork in it!

EMILY OWENS, M.D. on The CW is my final favorite new show this fall and it was a surprise breakout series for me. I had absolutely no intention of watching this show at first because I thought it looked dumb from the trailers I had seen, but I decided to give it a shot after someone I respected raved about how good it was.

Emily Owens, MD on The CW

The first few episodes were fine and it definitely helped that Justin Hartley (Smallville) and Michael Rady (Greek) were in the cast, so I kept watching and now I’m hooked. I still wish Emily was more confident and perhaps more flawed since right now she’s just too perfect for my taste. Although I know her shy and neurotic personality are suppose to be flaws, they just come across as more annoying than anything else to me.

However, unlike with Elementary, I’ve become invested in these characters and the various relationships. The fact that I like many of the supporting characters more than the title character doesn’t bother me for now. I’ve decided to stick with it through the rest of the season even though Tuesday nights are going to get very complicated once Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game return.

In addition, a friend of mine doesn’t think Emily Owens is going to get a second season, but I’m not worrying about that as yet. I’m trying to just enjoy any series I like for however long it airs.

Well, these are the three new Fall series that I’ve been watching. Which series do you love out of the crop of new shows this fall?