We Now Return To Our Regularly Scheduled Program

The past few months have been particularly hectic and busy for me, so I want to apologize for not posting during this crazy time. It’s horrifying to even image, but things were so frantic that I even fell behind in my TV watching! I know, right? For those who know me, this is a seriously big deal.

Thankfully there is good news — I’m now caught up with all of my shows!

The better news, I will now have more time to dedicate to my blogs. And of course, the best news – I have a fantastic new job! I’m so excited about this position and I’ll also be working from home, so my schedule will be very flexible. Yay!

Anyway, I want to thank you all for hanging in there and please know I’ve got plenty of topics to blog about and the posts will be more frequent.

Please stay tuned!